a field visit to the college

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 Tuesday, October 18th

Prof. Dr. Mostafa El-Hodhod, the Dean of the College, had received  Prof. Dr.Ahlam Qutb and Prof. Dr.Nashwa Abbas,  from the Quality Assurance Center at the university in his Excellency's office, to make a field visit to the college, during which they inspected the controls, classrooms, laboratories and the Quality Assurance Unit. They were received by Prof. Azza El-Ghareeb, the vice Dean of the collage for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof.Dr Ghada Essam, Director of the Quality Assurance Unit, Prof. Dr.Ahmed Fouad Al-Damiri, Administrative Director, Prof.Dr Ashraf Kotb, Technical Director of the 5+2 Program, and Head of Examinations Committee, Prof. Dr.Hala Saeed, Head of Colkective Control ,Prof. Dr. Mona Ghareeb, Head of the
Curriculum Committee, and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bahjat Al-Damiri,
Head of the Planning and Follow-up Committee. The visit also included examining the control files, their work mechanism, and examining the quality files.