9th Annual Scientific meeting of Microbiology and Immunology Department

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 On Sunday 30th October 2016 Microbiology and Immunology  Department at Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University  held the 9th Annual Scientific meeting entitled “Virus Zika and other mosquito born viruses” in the VIP Hall, October 6 University teaching hospital. The meeting started by welcome speeches from Prof.Amira  Hamed the Vice Dean for post graduate affairs and researches and Prof.Mona Gareeb the Head of microbiology Department and the Organizer of the meeting. The Scientific presentations included West nile encephalitis compared to Japanese encephalitis by Prof.Dr.Amal balbaa  prof. of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine ,Cairo University, followed by  Insect Born infection the topic presented by Prof.Azza ElGareeb the Head of Parasitology Department, October 6 University who gave detailed presentation about Malaria. Then, a lecture under the title of Zika virus  was presented by Prof Dr Hala Badawii prof. of  microbiology, Theodor Bilharz institute followed by The presentation of Dr. Essraa Hegazy , lecturer of microbiology and immunology Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, about yellow and dengue fever, Lastly the presentation of Prof. Mona Gareeb was under the title of Infection control of Mosquito-Borne Diseases. The conference was attended by the third level students together with a group of the Faculty Staff. Appreciation shields were offered to the staff participating in the conference.