Medical convoy to Family Health Care Unit at October 6 City

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    On Monday 12th of December and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Faculty of Medicine , October 6 University organized a medical convoy to a Family health care unit at the sixth district of October 6 City. The convoy that comprised almost all medical specialties including, Internal medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetric, Ophthalmology , Ear- nose and throat (E.N.T), and pediatrics ,aimed at offering the most convenient medical service to remote deprived poor areas In the same context.  The Faculty of Pharmacy shared by supplementing the commonly needed drugs,  and the Faculty of computer science prepared questionnaire and statistically analyzed the data.  The convoy provided diagnosis, treatment and health awareness about parasitic  infection  for 160 cases and 23 cases were referred to October 6 University hospital for further investigations.