Discussion of MS.C Thesis Internal Medicine of the resident Dr. Ahmed Ryad

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 On Sunday 26th of March 2017, the master degree thesis presented by the internal medicine resident Ahmed Ryad, has been discussed and accepted by the evaluation committee. The thesis title was “Diagnosis of microscopic colitis by chromogranin A”, under supervision of Dr. Muhammad Saeed , Assist.Professor of Internal Medicine, October 6 University, Dr. Ahmed Shawki, Dr. Magdy Galal and  Dr.Emad Awad professors of Internal Medicine, Ain Shams University. The thesis evaluation committee comprised Major General Dr. Ahmed El Sawy, Medical Military Academy and professor Amr El Ghammaz prof. of Hematology, Ain Shams University. The Thesis was extremely appreciated and accepted by the committee who admired the creative idea of the research topic.