On Sunday 4-11-2018, OSSS conducted training sessions at the Hospital VIP Hall targeting the society new members.

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 On Sunday 4-11-2018, OSSS conducted  training sessions at the Hospital  VIP  Hall targeting the society new members. The aim of the training was to boosting the junior member soft skills and offering basic yet very crucial methods for "Time Management, Good Communication and Presentation Skills". The number of attendees was 45 members and the training was conducted by Essam El-hawary (OSSS/local trainer) who discussed some important points of time management like what is the purpose of time management, what the time wasters are and how to manage and balance your time. Mohamed Yassin (IFMSA/International Trainer) introduced the proper way for preparing a good presentation and grabbing the attention of the audience. He also talked about the skills they should have to be a good speaker.