The Annual scientific conference of Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University

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  On Wednesday 14-11-2018, Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University conducted the Annual scientific conference at VIP conference hall 1126 at Faculty of Engineering Building. The conference title was: Recent Update in and Hepatogastroenterology. October 6 University President, the Vice Presidents, the Vice Presidents of Board of trustees, Faculty staff and students attended the conference.  Group of eminent speakers were invited to introduce recent topics including: Prof. Mazen Nagga professors of Internal medicine, Cairo University who presented managing difficult bile duct stones, Prof. Amira Hamed the Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine demonstrated the recent update in hepatogastro-intestinal imaging, Prof. Ahmed Morad, and Prof. Mohamed El-Sherbini professors of Internal medicine, Cairo University, presented new endoscopic techniques. Prof. Mohamed Saeed the head of Internal medicine Department, October 6 University talked about Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Prof. Ahmed el-Raye the Moderator of the Conference presented the rapidly changed pattern of chronic liver disease in Egypt. At the closing ceremony the recommendation were the recent era of endoscopy and imaging techniques are the future for solving a lot of hepatogastroenterology medical problems.