Teaching Excellence in Egyptian Medical Education

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 Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University participated in the workshops entitled  (Excellence in Egyptian Medical Education), held at the Military Medical Academy, in collaboration with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. The courses lasted from May 2018 until December 2018. At the end of the course, each of the participated university held a presentation explaining the development and updating of the teaching program in the Faculty of Medicine and the transformation of the bylaw to the integration system  (5+2) that comprise five years medical education followed by two years clinical training that replaced the traditional program, using  modern theories in education and new update to keep pace with the latest teaching methods applied in medical schools around the world. Prof.  Eman Sharaf  the Head of pediatric department and head of the Unit of sustainable medical education, and Dr Mohamed Saeed the head of Internal Medicine department and Dr. Ahmed Hussein, lecturer of Obstetrics and Gynecology and member of sustainable medical education Unit, and Curriculum reforming committee carried out  presentations showing the steps already taken at the faculty of Medicine, October 6 University in this context, using and following the modern theories of teaching and experience gained through the course, also showing the future plan to complete the program through all its stages, with the support and supervision of Prof. Dawlat El Miligy Dean of Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University.