"Together Against Stigma Local Workshop".

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 On Wednesday ,  27/2/2019, OSSS students conducted a workshop entitled “Together Against Stigma” at O6U Hospital that was attended by 50 members.

Millions of people around the world are visually impaired. Blind people face plenty of daily challenges, as the skills and techniques they should learn to enable them to carry on as normal, productive citizens in the community even with limited facilities. Moreover, they must learn how to cope with the public's attitudes and misconceptions about blindness which eventually lead to the stigma towards blind people. People believe that blind people can never be productive, so plenty of opportunities and facilities are deprived from them. Therefore, this workshop was an interactive activity to learn more about the main causes of blindness and how it can be prevented, the struggles and stigma towards blind people, their rights and how we can play an effective role in this.