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Admission & Financial Support

Admission & Financial Support


 Duration of the study:  Five years - two semesters / year. 


Admission requirements: 

The applicant must have a: General Certificate of Secondary Education - Scientific Section or equivalent.

Courses to attend college: 

Chemistry - Physics - Biology + other scientific material + literary material. 

Requirements to attend college 

Egyptian students: 

·         Image of identity ID

·         Out of high school pacaloria or equivalent. 

·         Original birth certificate. 

·         (6) Recent personal photographs. 

·         Model (2) military service. 

Foreign students: 

·         Passport photo. 

·         General Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalent documented from the Egyptian Embassy. 

·         Original birth certificate. 

·         (6) recent  personal photographs.

Procedures for a system of registration and payment of faculty fees:

·         First: the student progresses to the Department for Education and college students the papers mentioned above.

·         Second: the students continue procedures for detecting Medical University Hospital.

·         Third:  the student progresses to the competent employee management education affairs and college student’s permission to extract payment of tuition fees and that after reviewing the files of students and as a result of medical examination.

A.      is the payment of tuition fees and the total treasury receipts function on the receipt of payment of tuition fees.

B.      is the delivery of a copy of the payment receipt to:

-          The management of the employee in charge of education and student affairs for the registration number and date of receipt of payment .

-          And a copy of the receipt to the college computer center to extract the card university with filming for personal picture of the student.

C.       Announces lists the names and numbers of students sitting the college board ads.


Mechanism of financial support for students

On work in the aid provided to students you to take note of the regulation approved by the executive program of social solidarity in this regard:

First, students are eligible for financial support because Marital status:

1.       The death of a parent to be a death after paying the first installment.

2.       Bankruptcy or severe financial distress that have happened after this to go to university .

3.       Cases of severe illness and family expenses that require expensive treatment for the father or mother or sisters have had the disease appeared after Joined at the university.

Secondly, the required documents :

The student to the office of social solidarity in the university.

1.       Are provided the necessary documents for the work of social research to show the family income and financial burdens within the family .

2.       Documents proving the credibility of the case : For example, in the case of death needs to be out of the death certificate , and in the case of illness required medical report  from a hospital and medical bills , in case of bankruptcy ahead for the benefit of the student and financial distress caused .

Third, success required to get a discount of interdependence.
Fourth: advertising on this mechanism the website of the University.