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The fifth exhibition of aromatic oils

 October 6 University Students Won First Place in the Fifth Exhibition of Essential Oils at Ain Shams Faculty of Pharmacy

Fourth year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, 6th of October University, won the first place in the fifth exhibition of Essential oils at Ain Shams University on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018.
Dr. Abdul Nasser Al-Sanjab, Vice President of Ain Shams University for  post graduate Studies, Dr. Maha Farooq, Dean of faculty of pharmacy, and Dr. Omaima Al Dahshan, Head of Pharmacognosy Department, Ain Shams Faculty of Pharmacy,  praised the October 6 University students and prof Dr. Maha Farooq handed them the 1st place cup.
The winning poster was about the best utilization of agricultural residues where the students separated the orange peel oil and used it as ants’ pesticide.
The exihibition was attended by:
Dr. Samir M. Othman
Dr. Nourhan Ali
Student: Rana Ehab
Student: Shaimaa Hosny
Student: Rogina Maher
Student: Mostafa Shawki
Student: Howaida Awad