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Applied Arts' second international conference

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Gamal Sami, President of October 6 University, Prof. Dr. Eman Al-Azizi, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs and Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, October 6 University, Applied Arts' second international conference was hold on the first of November under the patronage of the Applied Arts Designers Syndicate and Global Art, the accepted researches were published in the Journal of Architecture, Arts and Humanities.













The First International Scientific Conference

Faculty of Applied Arts, October 6 University

Design To Improve the Quality of Life

(Innovation Design Production)

Scientific Publisher

The Journal of Architecture and Art

Arab Association of Civilization and Islamic Art 

Vision of the Conference

Building on the vision of the Faculty of Applied Arts- October 6 University towards a distinguished regional leadership by graduating high efficient; innovative cadres with professional abilities in the fields of Applied Arts, based on the universitys vision of being a distinctive & pioneer of academic institution regionally and globally.

The Faculty of Applied Arts aims to improve the quality of life through its first international conference, introducing the state-of-the-art innovation in design, technology and production. In addition to allowing creative designers to communicate; exchange knowledge and enrich the experience gained from the originality of Applied Art designers.

Objectives of the Conference

To develop the educational environment system in the specialties of the faculty, by providing every original and outstanding in the world of design, technology and production to the students and staff members.

To support & encourage staff members/students to disseminate and boost the culture of scientific research and academic development.

To create a climate of knowledge exchange between external researchers and internal researchers/students and staff members of the faculty and university.

To Provide innovative solutions from the researcherssubmitted work at the conference, to increase faculty ability and contribution in serving the society and developing the environment.

Conference Themes

1st Design is the Language of Development

   Smart Design Aids Human

   Environmental & Cultural Dimensions in Design

   Cutting-Edge Technology

   Design and the Human Distinctiveness

2nd Disruptive Technology

   Digital Technology, Design and 3D-Printing

   Robotics & Internet of Things IOT

   Smart Materials & New/Renewable Energy

   Innovative Techniques in Design

3rd Design & Industry

   Design for Manufacturing DFM

   Design Economics and Competitiveness

   Research & Development

   Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Drive

   the Community & Export

4th Building the Human Conscience

(Art Identity Design)

   Intellectual Property IP in Art & Design

   Identity and Culture between Openness and Acceptance of Diversity

   Modern Trends in the Practice/Teaching of Art & Design

   Psychology of Art & Design


Search Acceptance Rules

Please read these rules & guidelines before submitting a proposal for the conference.  You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood the conference rules & guidelines before you finalize a submission.  Failure to comply with these rules & guidelines may lead to you being withdrawn from the conference program.

   The submitted proposal must be original, new and wasn't submitted to any  conference or publishing body, and it should precisely designate the theme, methodology, uniqueness with full citations (Bibliographies will not be accepted).

   The submitted proposal should clearly correlate with one of the conference  announced themes and sub-themes.

   The abstract must be sent in both Arabic & English languages, and it must not exceed one page for each language. In addition to, the researcher's C.V.; color personal photo and must be received by the deadline 15/11/2017, Abstract acceptance notifications will be sent out by 30/11/2017

   The abstract must be sent in Microsoft Word format, page size B5 (17.5 x 25), with all margins 2.5 cm and font (14) for title.

   Papers submitted in Arabic language, will be written with font (simplified Arabic); (Arial) for papers submitted in English language, using font-size (12) for text and (14) for title. The submitted papers will be sent via e-mail and must be received by the deadline 31/12/2017, acceptance notifications will be sent out by 01/02/2018.

   The conference date: 27th-28th February, 2018.

   The conference registration fees for Egyptian (EGP 1000) and for  Non-Egyptian ($250).

   All submitted materials must be sent to the Conference Organizing Committee in Microsoft Word format to the Email: [email protected]

This Conference will be held 

under the Auspices of

Prof. Ahmed Attia Seida The President of October 6 University

The Conference Chair Prof. Ahmed Ali Awad Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts October 6 University

 The Conference Director Prof. Rehab Mahmoud Elhebary Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research Faculty of Applied Arts- October 6 University 

The Conference Secretary-General Assist. Prof. Sawsan Ezzat Amer

Head of Photography, Cinema & Television Department Faculty of Applied Arts- October 6 University 

The Conference Coordinator Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Romouzy General Coordinator for the Protocol of Cooperation Arab Association for Civilization & Islamic Art Faculty of Applied Arts October 6 University