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Teaching and Learning Strategy

Teaching and Learning Strategy



-Direct teaching strategy: This lecture strategy depends on the interaction between the lecturer and the student with the academic material

- Indirect teaching strategy: This strategy is where the students solve practical exercises based on the knowledge they have learned on their courses. Faculty member would then supervise and assist their students in solving those problems which enhances students' problem solving skills and become more prepared for their future work environment.

- Self-learning strategy: This strategy relies on the student's ability of attaining the knowledge and skills they need on their own. This will persuade the student to depend on him/herself; and to self-teach the student to use different learning resources which in the end helps to achieve personal development and the ability to continue their education by him/herself. In the end, this qualifies the students to progress and development on their own in their area of ​​specialization. The faculty will apply this method while teaching students how to write their graduation projects.

Teaching and learning strategy