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Vision and Mission of the Quality Assurance Unit
First: Vision of the Quality Assurance Unit:
Upgrading the college and the continuous development of the quality systems of the educational process to reach excellence in the educational, research and community fields.
Second: The Mission of the Quality Assurance Unit:
The Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Economics and Management , October 6 University, is committed to spreading the culture of quality in accordance with the standard standards for the quality of education and accreditation and the mission of the college, and to implement evaluation and continuous improvement of all aspects of the educational process.
(3) Strategic goals and objectives
The strategic plan of the college revolves around a set of goals that include various aspects of the college's work, including.
First Goal: Improving the quality of the teaching and learning system and raising the competitive competencies of students and graduates.
The first objective: Providing and developing educational programs to achieve the requirements of quality education and the needs of the labor market.
Second Objective: Developing and updating teaching and learning methods to achieve the targeted education outcomes.
Third Objective: Raising the competencies and competitiveness of students, graduates and people with special needs locally, regionally and globally.
Fourth Objective: Providing educational services and student systems that achieve student satisfaction
The second goal: to improve the educational effectiveness of the graduate studies system in accordance with the quality standards and institutions of higher education.
First Objective: Developing graduate programs with high scientific, academic and methodological ability
The second objective: follow-up and continuous evaluation of the educational process 
Third Goal: Developing the scientific research system and providing a supportive environment for creativity and innovation
First Objective: Developing the scientific research system to support sustainable development.
Second Objective: Strengthening the local and regional relations of the college. 
Fourth Goal: Strengthening partnership programs for the community service and environmental development sector to achieve sustainable development.
First Objective: Developing plans and programs for the community service and environmental development sector
Second Objective: Creating and developing diverse self-resources to stimulate research productivity
Third Objective: Supporting the services of graduates and the mechanisms of communication with them.
Fifth Goal: Upgrading quality assurance and performance evaluation systems for college accreditation.
The first objective: Obtaining academic accreditation for the Faculty of Economics and Management to ensure the quality of education and accreditation.
Second Objective: Governance and automation of institutional and administrative performance.
Third Objective: Developing the capabilities and skills of human resources