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Objectives and Strategic Plan


First Goal

"Enhancing the College's Competitiveness and Advancing the Educational Process"

Strategic Objectives

  1. Enhancing the college's capabilities to develop institutional performance.
  2. Supporting and developing the strategies of education, learning, and assessment, as well as enhancing students' skills to prepare outstanding graduates.
  3. Supporting and developing the capabilities of faculty members and assistant faculty members.
  4. Strengthening communication between the college and its graduates and supporting sustainable professional development programs.
  5. Developing postgraduate programs to align with the healthcare needs of society.
  6. Supporting and enhancing the quality assurance and continuous improvement system in accordance with quality and accreditation standards.
  7. Training and qualifying the administrative staff and raising their efficiency.

Second Goal:

"Developing the College's Scientific Research System"

Strategic Objectives

  1. Creating a distinctive research environment to encourage faculty members to engage in scientific research.
  2. Enhancing the college's competitiveness at the local, regional, and international levels.

Third Goal

"Enhancing Community Services and Promoting Effective Partnership with the Community"

Strategic Objectives

  1. Enhancing and supporting the college's activities in community service and environmental development.
  2. Developing self-resources for the college.



NARS 2017