Participation of the Faculty of Applied Arts in the University Convoy of Haram City Health Center in 6th of October City

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 The Faculty of Applied Arts has participated in the university convoy of the Pyramid City Health Center in 6th of October City under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts – October 6 University. The visit represented an integrated awareness campaign with the aim of spreading a set of healthy habits. Prof. Dr. Nasser Hamed has designed the promotional materials and they were distributed to the center's pioneers. ECO Rangers family team organized the event. 

 It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Medicine - October 6 University has participated along  with the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Physical Therapy and the Faculty of Information Systems and Computer Science to organize a convoy to the Family Health Center in Haram City, on Wednesday 27/11/2019 under the patronage and organization of the Community Service Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, which was headed by Professor Dr/ Azza Al-Gharib, Vice-Dean of the Faculty. The convoy included five specialties, namely, General Medicine, General surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Orthopedics.
The Faculty of Pharmacy provided the medicine required for the convoy, and the Faculty of Information Systems and Computer Sciences filled out forms with statistical data about the types of diseases and the environmental conditions surrounding the patients. The number of cases given medical examination were 805 representing different specialties, 28 of which were transferred to the October 6 University Hospital for examinations and various surgical operations. Many doctors have participated in the convoy, studentsrecorded patients' data, organized their admission to clinics, measured pressure, and made public awareness of the spreading parasitic diseases.
The Faculty of Medicine Students distributed pamphlets to the public and explained their content to them. The students also distributed questionnaires to citizens to measure the extent of the social satisfaction with the convoy and to diagnose the needs of the public. Citizens have expressed their desire to receive more visits. The students participating in the convoy expressed interest in participating and their desire to participate in the upcoming convoys.