Symposium and Exhibition "Women..Art and Design"

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 Under the auspices of Dr. Eman Al-Azizi .. Acting President of the University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Prof. Mona Abu Tabl.. Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts and the supervision of Dr. Rehab Abdel-Fattah .. Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and within the framework of the keenness of the service sector Society and Environmental Development at the College To contribute to the dissemination of sustainable development goals in the Egyptian environment, the idea of ​​holding a symposium and exhibition “Women .. Art and Design” came to coincide with the celebration of the International Women’s Day designated by the United Nations and the Egyptian Women’s Day, emphasizing the importance of women and their important role in society On the one hand, and the role of art and design in contributing to solving all the issues of society in all its sects, on the other hand

The exhibition opened:

Prof. Iman Al-Azizi .. Acting Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

Major General Hisham Farag .. Director of Media and Public Relations

Prof. Mohamed Zeinhom.. President of the Arab Society for Islamic Arts Civilization

Prof. Hamdi Abu Al-Maati, former head of the Syndicate of Fine Artists

Mrs. Nasreen Ramzy .. Editor-in-chief of Al-Hayat News and a writer in the field of motherhood, childhood and community affairs And Dr. Enas Hosny, a critic and plastic artist

The exhibition included more than (60) works of senior artists from various colleges of applied and fine arts and art colleges in Egypt.

The celebration began with a symposium on women and their importance and effective role in the development of society and the solution of all its issues. This was followed by poetic poems from the distinguished poetry guitar A. Yasmin Abdel Aziz

The college thanks everyone for participating in the outstanding works in the exhibition

A special thank you to all the specialized and non-specialized professors in the various design and technical fields from inside and outside the university and from the various technical bodies in Egypt, where he participated:

Prof. Mohamed Zeinhom.. Prof. Hamdi Abu Al-Maati .. Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl .. Prof. Emad Shafik .. Prof. Salwa Rushdy.. Prof. Rasha Zeinhom.. Prof. Wahad Samir .. Prof. Iman Anis .. Dr. Ibrahim Badawy .. Dr. Shereen Hosam .. Dr. Shereen Al-Baroudi .. Dr. Manal Shaltout .. Dr. Ahmed Roumieh .. Dr. Heba Zhany.. Dr. Amr Salama .. Dr. Enas Hosny .. Dr. Reem Khairy .. Dr. Iman Hakim .. Dr. Lina Osama .. Dr. Rania Al-Hosary .. Dr. Iman El-Baz .. Dr. Yasser Saeed .. Dr. Nevin Saad .. Dr. Iman Okasha .. Dr. Safaa Alamuddin .. m. Nour Al-Kamuni.. Eng. Rana Khalil .. Prof. Nasser Hamid .. Dr. Marwa Hassan .. Dr. Maryam Hassan .. Dr. Amira El-Sayed .. Dr. Manar Al-Sayed .. Dr. Rania Al-Jamal .. Eng. Reem Ahmed .. Eng. Nourhan Ahmed.. Duha Ashraf.. Eman Ayman.. Maryam Hassan.. Jannat Saeed

And special thanks to Dr. Muhammad Zeinhom (President of the Arab Society for Civilization and Islamic Arts) and Professor Nisreen Ramzy (Editor-in-chief of Al-Hayat News and a writer in the field of motherhood, childhood and community affairs)

And Dr. Enas Hosny for her participation in the organization

And for the lyre, Yasmine Abdel Aziz

Special thanks to the members of the Exhibition Organizing Committee from the community service sector... Dr. Amira Al-Sayed... Dr. Manar Al-Sayed .. M. Iman Adel

And special thanks to the eco rangers team for community service affairs of students for their effective role in organizing.