Academic Union of Applied Arts Meeting

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 In collaboration with eight faculties and institutes all over the country, Faculty of Applied Arts - October 6 University participated as an effective member in the first meeting of the Council of Deans.

Academic Union of Applied Arts aims to:

Educational process support between faculties (at undergraduate and post graduate studies level).

The exchange of visits and scientific cooperation between the corresponding sections, in addition to the exchange of experiences in different fields (holding international conferences, seminars and exhibitions)

cooperation in organizing seminars and workshops between faculties.

Joint cooperation regarding the community service and development of the environment.

The meeting was held on Monday 12/12/2016 at the Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan University

It is also worth mentioning that on the sidelines of the meeting an exhibition entitled "Visions of Civilization II", was inaugurated by Deans of 8 different Faculties of Applied Arts, in coordination with the Arab Association for Islamic Civilization and Arts.