Faculty of Applied Arts Participates in the Conference on Biological Diversity in Sharm El Sheikh

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Under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed Attia, President of 6th October University, Vice-President for Community Affairs and Environment Development, Dr. Ahmed Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, and Dr. Rehab Abdul-Fattah, Director of Community Service and Environment Development, 6th October University participated in the 14th United Nations Conference of States Parties for Biodiversity Held in Sharm el-Sheikh from 17 to 29 November 2018. Participants from 196 countries confirmed the inclusion of 15 new natural sites on the Green List of Protected Areas and on multiple technologies
To maintain biodiversity in the world and to preside over Egypt for the Convention for two years coming and .......
The methods of participation of the university in the conference were praised in which the attendees praised the extent of the contribution of the university officials, faculty members, students and administrators in the success and enrichment of the sessions of the conference and ways of participation include the following:
 - Participation of university students in organizing the conference and its sessions in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and the United Nations
Participation of the university in several side event presented by the following:
1. Discussion of the presentation of the theme "ICTs and their impact on biodiversity"
2. Discussion of the presentation of the theme "Future Vision to Benefit from Food Waste in the Conservation of Biological Diversity"
3. Discussion of the presentation of the research topic of the Enctus Group, "Technology of Agricultural Crop Utilization in accordance with Biological Diversity"
4. Discuss the presentation of the video film "Siwa Golden Oasis" and the focus was on the richness and oases of biodiversity
UN honors were awarded to participants from the university