Olwi and Ayat the Ideal Students for the Faculty of Media and Mass Comm.

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For the second year  in a row, Mahmoud Mohammad Olwi is selected to  be the Male Ideal Student  for  the Faculty  and also  the student Ayat  Mohammad Elsayd is selected to  be the Female Ideal  Student for  the Facaulty. It is worth mentioning that tow male student and eight female students participated in the Ideal Student Competition this Year, representing different levels and Departments of the Faculty, Radio and TV Broadcasting, Journalism and Public Relations.

They winners were selected on the basis of various criteria such as academic excellence, proficiency in Arabic language and the foreign language, participation in different activities, appearance, personality and public information.  And students who participated in the competition were: Ala Ahmed Sayed, Aya Mohammed Shehata, Ayat Mohammed Sayed, Basant Abdel Moneim Abdel Moneim, Sarah Smir Samuel, Shaima Abdul Hamid Mohamed, Rashid Saleh Al-Din Rashid, Mahmoud Mohammed Olawi, Nada Hassan Alwan, and Nevin Mohammed Alsid.

It is expected that Olawi and Ayat will participate in the qualifying of the Ideal Students at the University level on 8 April 2015. The selection committee consisted of Prof. Assistant Manal Abu ElHassan, Acting vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Abeer El-Sherbini supervisor for the Faculty Vice Deanship of for Education and Student Affairs and Dr. Ismail Ibrahim, supervisor of the Department of Journalism and director of the Academic Guidance.