Closing Ceremony of the Integrated Simulation Model of the Arab League - Second Edition

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 In the framework of  October 6 University support for student activities, and under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia Seada, President of October 6 University and Prof. Dr. Kheireldin Abdellatif - Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Strategies and Cultural Relations, the University Council Hall witnessed the closing ceremony of the integrated simulation model of the Arab League  in its second edition, in the presence of Mr. Moatasim El-Shawa, responsible for the Palestinian sector and the occupied territories in the Arab League, and Mr. Hatim El-Roubi, the responsible for the health file of the Council of Arab Health Ministers, Arab League, the model students presented their project on "Education and Human Resource Development in the Arab World" the project came out with a set of recommendations that will be sent to the Department of Sustainable Development at the Arab League, on Wednesday, 25 April 2018, General Coordinator of the model Dr. Osman Mohamed Osman, and the academic supervisor of the model Dr. Wafaa Lotfy.