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Complaints Committee

formation of  complaints committee

Acdemic year : 2022/2023

Prof. Dr. Hala Al-Hilali  Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs -  the president of committee

Dr. Al-Awadhi Mansour  the president of committee


 Intisar Sabir Mohamed student
Abram Shafiq student
Jihad Abu Al-Wafa Ahmed student
Amin Saud Seesi student
-Constructive complaint is an essential tributary of development, not punishment.
-Considering students' complaints and directing them to the correct steps during the stages of submitting the complaint and working to overcome all obstacles to ensure the development and success of the educational and training process.
• The student is not harmed by his complaint.
• Speedy resolution of the complaint.
• Establishing the principles of justice, equity and equality as fundamental pillars in building an optimal student university community