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 Special Abilities Committee

Faculty of Economics and Management – 6th of October University
Committee Members:

Dr. Nirvana hussien Mahran          HEAD

Mr. Salah Hashem Omar               Member
First: Introducing the Committee
It is a committee established at the Faculty of Economics and Management since 2019-2020 to work to provide fair opportunities for its students with special abilities in all fields, programs and diverse activities, and the committee also works to raise self-awareness to enhance the chances of academic success and seek to create a university community in which students reside based on their abilities.
Second: Tasks of the Committee
The needs of some students are identified during the stages of consultations and guidance, others resort to the support provided by the Committee for the Services of Students with Special Needs themselves or according to the recommendations of their parents or faculty, and then the committee provides many services to these students by following
The following mechanisms:
First: The committee directs these students to register their own academic guidance materials, determine their own academic advisor, identify faculty members who teach courses and inform them of their schedules.
Second: It also communicates with the heads of departments and heads of controls and informs them of the materials for students with special needs.
Third: Faculty members are contacted and informed of the names of students with special needs in the courses they teach to take into account these students in the development of exams for integration students, where they include multiple choice questions and statements of right or wrong.
Fourth: A group is created on the application "WhatsApp" that includes all students with special needs of the college to follow them continuously.
Fifth: Special committees for examinations are set up for these students and respond to their inquiries.
Sixth: Preparation of exams containing true, false and multiple selection statements.
Seventh: The committee is keen to conduct the exams for students in quiet places.