Orientation session for new comers of the academic year 2018-2019

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     Prof Salah El Din Khader met the first level students to welcome them and define them the academic study. The meeting was at 12:00 pm, at 4008, on 23-9-2018 for four departments in the faculty: the Arabic language, the Islamic studies, the English language, kindergarten and special education. It was attended by Prof Sally Hanna Michael, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Prof Mohamed Abd El Kader, Vice Dean of Post Graduate programs, heads of departments and a group of professors from various departments. Prof Salah El Din Kkadr talked about the importance of punctuality, participation in student activities and the use of library. Prof Sally Hanna encouraged students to participate in student activities. She also talked about credit hour system, registration, academic advising and the role of academic advisor in facilitating student activities and solving problems. She mentioned that schedules are on the faculty website. She showed her willingness to help students at any time. She also introduced the academic advisors to them. Prof Abd El Kader talked about the importance of quality and evaluation in the education process. Finally, the dean of the faculty thanked all attendees and promised to communicate with students in subsequent meetings. This meeting was followed by a group of special meetings with four departments to clarify the study and academic advising and to answer students' questions.