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The outpatient clinic at the faculty will be a frontrunner in providing healthcare services through continuous work as well creating a healthy positive environment by the aid of an integrated highly advanced team that achieves compliance with local standards and expectations.


Our mission involves presenting supreme physical therapy services through our competent team that use the finest novel equipment known to patient care. We aim at easing their agony as well as fulfilling mutual trust to attain their satisfaction.


1. Patients come first: Harnessing all resources to serve the patient.

2. Quality: Fulfilling the idealistic standards in the medical services and education as well as constant development.

3. Safety: Attaining a safe environment for the patients, personnel, and the community.

4. Excellence &Exclusivity: aiming for excellence, innovation, and continuous development. 

5. Teamwork Spirit: Building teamwork and affiliation, as well as participating with sharing opinions through active communication.