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Strategic goals

 Strategic goals and objectives of the Faculty


v strategic goals and objectives:

Built around a set of goals include various aspects of the work and the faculty.


 First Goal: Improve the quality of education system and learning and raise the competitive competencies for students and graduates.


Strategy goals:

 The first goal: to provide and develop educational programs to achieve quality education requirements and the needs of the labor market.


 The second goal is to develop and modernize the methods of teaching and learning to achieve the targeted learning outcomes.

Third goal: raise the competencies and competitiveness of students, alumni and people with special needs locally, regionally and globally.


 Fourth Objective: To provide educational services and student systems check student satisfaction.


 Second Goal: upgrading the educational effectiveness of the system of graduate studies according to quality standards and institutions of higher education.


 Strategy goals:


 The first goal: the development of graduate programs with high scientific and academic ability of the methodology.


 The second goal: is the continuous follow-up and evaluation of the educational process.


Third Goal: Develop system of scientific research and to provide a supportive environment for creativity and innovation


 Strategy goals:


 The first goal: the development of scientific research system to support sustainable development.


 The second objective: to strengthen local and regional relations of the Faculty.


 Fourth goal: strengthening the partnership sector programs, community service and development environment to achieve sustainable development.


 Strategy goals:


 The first goal: the development of plans and programs of community service and development environment sector.


 The second goal: is the creation and development of various self-research resources to stimulate productivity.


 Third Objective: To support graduates services and mechanisms to communicate with them.


 Fifth goal: improving quality assurance systems and performance evaluation for the adoption of the Faculty


 Strategy goals:


 First goal: get the academic accreditation of the Faculty of Economics and Management to ensure the quality of education and accreditation.


 Second Objective: Governance and mechanization of institutional and administrative performance:


 The third objective: capacity development and foal’s human resources.