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Dean of the Faculty of Education

        It is with great appreciation and gratitude I do welcome you in the faculty of Education. As the faculty of education at The 6th of October University is distinctly unique among the private universities in Egypt so far, and one and only in Greater Cairo. Accordingly, the faculty grants equivalency of degrees like the ones awarded by the other faculties of education in public universities from the Supreme Council of Universities.

The student in the faculty studies a group of cultural, specialized and professional courses, which provide him with a refined level of education, enabling him to become a teacher and gain the necessary skills in the field of specialization; within the framework of the credit hour system, taught by an elite group of selected high efficiency staff members at the 6th of October University, and other public universities. This is besides, full-time specialists in teaching, training and research processes, with a percentage not less than that of international averages.

The college is keen to provide an integrated care for its students in educationally, socially, psychologically. Moreover, the faculty administers sport and health care services actualized through human, financial and health, education and recreational potentials offered by the university. And college graduates are qualified by a set of distinct skills that enable them to work in the future in competitive positions of the teaching profession, and to integrate in the field of work in both public and private schools and educational bodies.

Moreover, the faculty is seeking to participate in employment forums organized annually by the University of to help students to get a job after graduation. As for the post ​​graduate studies the faculty grants a general diploma of  “Education” a supplementary diploma prepare educationally qualified teachers from the graduates of faculties and institutions other than the faculty of education so as to work as teachers and education specialists throughout the different stages of public education in both public and private schools and educational institutions,. Furthermore, the faculty grants a professional diploma in " Special Education " for the enrollment of graduates of faculties of education, to prepare cadres of graduates of education faculties and educationally qualified teachers to work in the different fields of disability in schools, organizations and institutions concerned with the welfare and education of special needs people with in order to meet the needs of the labor market.

Activating the agreements concluded between the 6th of October University from one side and the universities of   Helwan, Cairo and Bani  Suef  form the other side, stipulates that the faculty offers associate degrees of general and professional master's degree in education, and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education in all educational specialties in associate with the education faculties in the above mentioned universities. As the study has actually begun in the doctorate degree, according to the agreement in the specialization of educational technology and that starting from the academic year 2013/2014 according to the agreement of the Faculty of Education  and  Helwan University , which awarded a Ph.D. in Education .

Professor / Ashraf Bakhet

Dean of Faculty