Faculty of Media & Mass Communication Reported on visit to the university's library on 19/11/2015.

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 A deputation composed of 227 male & female first year faculty of Media & Mass Communication students with the company of Dr. Amal Abdelkader, lecturer Information Technology at October 6th University, Dr. Sally Osama & Mrs. Dalia Saif eldin visited the university's central library as a part of the library's visits programs done by the university aiming to support the educational efficiency and in using the traditional and electronic as a source of information.

In the beginning of the visit, the library manager started welcoming the students, and the students listened to a detailed explanation about the library and they saw a documentary about the library's date of construction and its most important components of books, references , periodicals and scientific databases.

Also the delegation started visiting different library's divisions and exploring the services provided by the library for users either internally or externally , also in how to search in databases through the digital library , and the different research services the library can provide for the students , in addition to that knowing the various cultural activities of the library and their dates.

In the end, some memorial photos for the students with the library's people in charge.