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Characteristic Features for faculty


Distinctive features of the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication Arts 6th October University

1- The faculty is distinguished by its historical reputation and originality, as it is the first media Institution among media faculties as a private university.

2- There is a university hospital that provides medical services at the highest level of efficiency. 3- There is a hotel for male and female students that provides high-level service.

4- The faculty is discriminated by graduating qualified male and female media professionals, many of whom have held positions in media and academic institutions.

5- The faculty is concerned with community participation, sustainable development and good interaction with the outer community.

6- The faculty gives great attention to training, whether through partnerships with media institutions or through the Media Training and Consultation Center, which provides training courses for students and external parties.

 7- The faculty includes a group of qualified distinguished faculty members with notable scientific researches.