The Faculty hosts a course on "Presentation and Television Presentation"

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 The Faculty of Media and Mass Communication announces the arrangement of a supportive and intensive course in the field of "presentation" for all students, especially Senior students in all various divisions inside and outside the Faculty for all studnets and graduates of various disciplines of the Faculty of Media and Mass communication.

The course will be held on eight lectures divided into four intensive days, note the fact that the course will be held from March 25 to April 1, 2019 and the value of the participation will be only 400 Egyptian pounds.
The lectures will be delivered by Dr. Safa Al-Din, the member of teaching staff of the faculty. By the end of course, each participant will be granted a certified certificate by the Faculty.
Wishing to register in the course, please go to the office of the dean's secretariat and pay the course fees to the treasury of the faculty.