The participation of the Dean of the College of Physiotherapy in the Promotion Committee of the Higher Scientific Committee in the largest military medical edifice

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Prof. Dr. Adel Abdel Hamid Naseer, Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy, participated in the Higher Scientific Promotion Committee in the largest military medical edifice to examine the scientific production of applicants for the position of Professor and Assistant Professor on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at the Academy headquarters based on a nomination from the Military Medical Academy Council headed by His Excellency Major General Doctor / Yasser Ahmed El-Sayed, Head of the Military Medical Academy, in order to participate in the examination of the scientific production submitted by Brigadier General, Physiotherapist / Siham Fahmy Mahmoud, Head of the Oxygen Therapy Unit at the Military Medical Complex for promotion to the rank of assistant professor. The committee included in its membership:
1. Major General Prof. Hisham Al-Ashry Hussein - Professor of Orthopedics.
2. Major General Prof. Dr. Hany El Saadany - Professor of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine.
3. Prof. Dr. Amal Abdel-Baqi - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs - Cairo University.
4. Prof. Ehab Kamal Zayed - Head of the Department of Physiotherapy for General Surgery, Burns and Membranes - 6 October University.