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Teaching and learning strategy


1.      Strive to apply a strategy that meets the reference for academic standards.

2.      Setting an appropriate student to faculty member ratio and facilitated suitable educational resources.

3.      Internal and External revision as well as evaluation of course specifications.

4.      Provide aid and support to students with limited capabilities by facilitating scientific and social approaches for them.

5.      Grant access to tools and facilities that aid in teaching.

6.       Focus on student achievements to develop their character professionally and socially, since student progress are the main aspect of the faculty.

7.      Strengthening the student teacher connection.

8.      Arranging continuous assessments to the study board to ensure that the educational strategy is effective.

9.      Instill self-righteous teachings and promote their practice.

10.  Integrate the faculty policies within the fields of scientific research, community services and environmental sustainable development.

Teaching and learning strategy altogether methodology:

1. Adopt effective education or interactive and provide students with the policy of the ability to think and problem-solving and communication skills and the use of information technology and scientific thinking.

2. A Mechanism designed to encourage students to use the library and the use of scientific references.

3. Promote and develop leadership and personal skills to students through activities and programs of student support.

4 put the follow-up and evaluation of field training for students to supply the society and the labor market by graduates with distinct mechanisms of professional skills.

5. Put in place mechanisms to deal with defaulters students academically.

6. Put in place mechanisms to stimulate the best students.

7. Put in place mechanisms to overcome the various problems of education.

8. Develop methods of assessment and examination systems and put in place mechanisms to monitor and document the results of the examinations.

9. Develop a mechanism to ensure fair practices in the student assessment.

10. Infrastructure upgrades to include improving the business environment and providing assistance resources for teaching and learning in the college.

11. Developing the capacity of faculty staff members through outstanding training programs.