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Teaching and learning strategy

College Policies in Education:

To achieve the college's goal in the field of education and its strategic objectives, the college adopts a set of policies that contribute to achieving the strategic goals and reaching its ultimate goal. These policies include:

- Continuous review of curricula, teaching methods, and learning to ensure the application of adopted academic standards.
- Taking into account standard ratios of student-to-faculty members and providing material learning facilities.
- Internal and external review and evaluation of programs and courses.
- Encouraging the use of information and communication technology in learning tools and programs.
- Discovering and nurturing talented students with the ability for excellence and creativity.
- Supporting struggling students and providing scientific support for them.
- Continuous development of course content and educational programs based on developments and the job market.
- Providing all teaching and learning facilities and maintaining them.
- Focusing on the student as the most important output of the college.
- Continuous development of student assessment methods.
- Increasing overall satisfaction of all educational process stakeholders.
- Continuous evaluation of educational effectiveness.
- Instilling values of self-directed and continuous learning and encouraging them.
- Integration with the college's policies in scientific research and community service and environmental development