caravan to the village of As-Saff in Giza

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 The College of Physical Therapy participated in a caravan on Tuesday, March 5, 2024 to the village of As-Saff in Giza. The goals of the college were as follows:

1- Raise awareness about back and spine problems and daily activities at home and work for 80 cases.
2- Raise awareness about the risks of unhealthy eating, saturated fats, and healthy nutrition for 70 adults.
3- Awareness and workshop for newborns and their mothers about the importance of the correct way to deal with these children before reaching the age of standing and walking, without trying to stop them or teach them to stand and walk before reaching the appropriate age, which is a full year, making sure there are no diseases that affect bone health for 35 children and their families.
4- Raise awareness about the risks of cousin marriage and its genetic deformities, and the importance of conducting necessary tests before marriage for 40 mothers.
5- Conduct a general awareness about obesity problems and how to overcome them through proper nutrition and relying on natural sources in food for 80 patients with knee joint problems.
6- Raise awareness for 20 children and their mothers about the importance of continuing physical therapy sessions for children with joint and bone problems until they reach adulthood and their bone growth stops.
7- Conduct a workshop for some adult patients, numbering 30, on how to stretch the muscles of the neck, back, and legs, and how to treat these problems and the role of physical therapy in preventing these issues.
8- Raise awareness for a large number of mothers and children, totaling 40 cases, about the importance of balancing the amount of activity and walking, especially for these children, and not pressuring them to walk long distances that lead to exhaustion of their bodies and muscles.