Visiting Helnan Dream Hotel

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Believing in the benefits of joint cooperation between the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, October 6 University, and the labor market, the Department of Hotel Management in the faculty made an introductory trip to the Helnan Dreamland Hotel, where the students of the faculty interacted by viewing the various sections of the hotel and listening to a joint explanation from Mr. Ahmed Ali (Director of the Hotel Rooms Sector) And Dr. / Mohamed Abdel Aziz Abed (Assistant Professor, Department of Hotel Management) In the end, Mr. Ahmed Badawy (General Manager of the hotel) urged the students on the importance of summer training to increase their professional skills All thanks and appreciation from the Hotel Management Department to: Mr. Ahmed Badawy - General Manager of the hotel Mr. Ahmed Ali - Director of the Hotel Rooms Sector And all employees of Helnan Dreamland Hotel