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Admission Requirements and Regulations

Academic requirements and regulations administer the association between the university and its students. Students must complete the general academic requirements described below in order to enroll in the faculty.

General acceptance requirements

·         GCSE certificate (Egyptian Thanawiya Amma) or its equivalent

·         Student must have studied the core subjects (physics, chemistry, Biology, math) and three other electives

·         Student must have achieved the minimum acceptance score set by Ministry of Higher education

·         A current medical report declaring that the student is physically and mentally capable of doing university work

·         The presented certificates are valid

Faculty Requirements 

Egyptian Students

·         Copy of Personal identification ( Passport/ national ID)

·         Original copy of the High school education certificate

·         Original copy of the Birth certificate

·         6 recent photos

·         Military Module #2 ( for male applicants)

Non-Egyptian Students

·         Copy of passport

·         Original copy of High school education certificate that is validated by Egyptian Embassy in the country of origin

·         Original copy of the Birth certificate

·         6 recent photos

Faculty's Regulations related to enrollment and tuition

(I)                 Student must submit all the required documents to the student affairs & administration office.

(II)               Student must pass the internal score requirement set ( priority of seats will be set to students with highest scores)

(III)             Upon passing the internal score requirement, student is subjected to medical examination in the university's hospital ( according to the date set)

(IV)             Student must pass the English placement test

(V)               Student must pass the interview for skill placement

(VI)             After completion of all the previous steps, Student should inquire for the tuition payment permission form from the assigned personnel in the student affairs &administration office.

·         Tuitions are paid at the University's Treasury ; Student should receive payment receipt

·         A copy of  payment receipt should be given to the assigned personnel in the Student Affairs & Administration office in order to submit the receipt number and date of payment

·         Student ID is issued

·         Student is enlisted to the faculty

Military Recruitment Status

Military service recruitment and enrolled students

According to the law of the national military services legislation #505 for the year of 1955 and any related decrees, a male student holding a high school degree is not allowed to postpone his service if he is surpassed the age of22. In order for an applicant to be allowed to postpone his services , he should not exceed the age of 22 by the first of September of the year he intends to enroll in the university , he is only allowed upon the submission of the certifications intended that are listed by band #64 of the legislation which are as follows:

·         Military Service Discharge documentation corresponding to band# 6 of the legislation.

·         Military Service Exemption documentation corresponding to band # of the legislation.

·         A military service documentation stating the completion of military service or referred as reservists.

Regulations of Military service deferment for 18 year olds

·         Submitting Military Module #2 ( military service deferment)

·         Submitting Military Module #6

·         These Modules are submitted to the intended personnel in the faculty in order to process the military service deferment for the student till he gets granted his bachelor's degree or reaches the age of 28.

·         If students surpass the age of 28 by the first of September, his enrollment is annulled till he submits the needed documents listed down in band 64 of the legislation.

Transfer Admissions

Transfer students are admitted to the faculty after evaluating the transferred credit content in coursework if comparable in nature, scope, content, and depth. Based on the credits earned, student will be placed in the appropriate level.