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Strategic goals and Destination of the Faculty

Improving the educational process in order to prepare graduates who are able to compete in the labor market

The first objective : Developing the educational program to meet the requirements of quality assurance and labor market needs.

The second objective : Developing teaching, learning and evaluation strategies in accordance with academic standards

The third  objective: Expansion of student support systems

Fourth  objective: Developing the  abilities of  the faculty staff members and  their supporting staff members.

Second goal : Enhancing  scientific research to encourage innovation and creativity in light of the priorities of the surrounding community and  Egypt’s directives

The first  objective: updating the research plan in line with the university's plan and Egypt's  2030  vision.

The second  objective : promoting  international publishing and expanding  the participation  in scientific activities. and events.

The third  objective :   raising the potential of scientific research  of the  faculty  and strengthening  its  infrastructure.

The fourth  objective : Expansion of scientific research for students

Third  goal: Enhancing the role of the  faculty  in community service and environmental development to  implement  sustainable development.

The first  objective: expansion in the areas of community service and the implementation of sustainable development programs.

The second goal : raising the efficiency of training and continuing education to increase the  faculty’s self-resources.

The third objective : continuous development to support  the graduates

Fourth  goal: Upgrding the  faculty’s quality assuranceva systems .

The  first objective : periodic institutional eluation and renewal of accreditation


The second objective :the digital transformation of all services and applications