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Strategic goals and Destination of the Faculty

 First goal:

Continuous development and improvement to upgrade the educational process at the faculty

Strategic and operational objectives:

1. Interpolation to the requirements of accreditation by the National Authority to ensure quality standards by 2016.

2. Modernization and continuous improvement in educational programs

3. Continuous improvement in educational effectiveness and development

4. Completion of scientific structures of sections

5. Reinforcement and development of systems of student support and services provided to students

6. Continuous improvement of the infrastructure of the college

Second Goal:

Elevating the level of the quality of research and confirm Distinction of the faculty in the field of scientific research, directed towards community service

Strategic and operational objectives:

7. Increase the total production of applied research internationally published and spread a culture of creativity

8. Continuing to faculty members and ancillary staff development

Third Goal:

Increasing the ability of the faculty to contribute to sustainable development in the Community Service and Environmental Development

Strategic and operational objectives:

1. The development of community service provided by the college

2. Continuous development for the support of the college graduates

Fourth Goal:

Development and modernization of the systems of internal college

Strategic and operational objectives:

1. Advancement system of administrative work and development in accordance with the systems of total quality management.

2. Achieve the electronic management college and keep up with the constant update in this area and development.