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Vision & Mission & Objectives


The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, October 6 University, is a distinguished educational institution in the field of tourism, hotel education and tourism guidance locally and regionally.


The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels is committed to preparing a distinguished graduate in the fields of tourism, hospitality and tourism guidance through supporting student, academic and service activities, developing educational programs to acquire understanding and knowledge skills, promoting practical skills in the fields related to the tourism industry, and through the active participation to meet the needs of the community while promoting scientific research at the local and regional levels.

Goals and Strategic Objectives:

The first goal is to enhance the competitiveness of the Faculty

Strategic objectives of the first goal:

Objective 1: To obtain academic accreditation

Goal 2: To reinforce infrastructure and Faculty resources

Goal 3: To consolidate credibility and ethics

Objective 4: To strengthen the affiliation with the Faculty

The second goal is to develop the educational process

Strategic objectives of the second goal:

Objective 1: To provide educational programs and curricula to cater for the labor market requirements

Objective 2: To increase student satisfaction

The third goal is to enhance the role of the Faculty in community service and environmental development

Strategic objectives of the third goal:

Objective 1: To increase the Faculty's contribution to community service

Objective 2: To enhance communication with graduates

The fourth goal is to enhance and develop research capacity

Strategic objectives of the fourth goal:

Objective 1: To strengthen and developing research capacity

 Objective 2: To devise postgraduate programs