A Training Course for Students and Graduates of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation

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 In the framework of the summer training support for students at the Center of Languages ​​and Translation (LTC), and also community participation support  as one of the quality of education accreditation standards,  Quality Assurance Unit in cooperation with the General Authority for Adult Education and Literacy held a training course for some of the students and graduates of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation for  three days starting from Monday 22/6/2016 and until Wednesday 24/06/2016, from ten o'clock am to  tow pm at Hall No. 2248 at Salah Eldin building, in which Prof. Osama Farag Chairman of the General Authority for Adult Education, Mr.  Ahmed Zaatar Director of the Department of Performance Evaluation, Mr. Omar Hamza, General Director of Planning and Research. It is worth mentioning that the attendees received authenticated certifications to teach adults. This is to train and engage the faculty students and graduates in community projects as the core center of Languages ​​and Translation center LTC to activate adult education and literacy of the University workers and making the University illiteracy- free.