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 It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all the students who have joined the Faculty of Languages and Translation. You must have a good reason for choosing the Faculty of Languages and Translation to be your specific field of study; and since you have joined this distinguished institution, the next step is to carry out the academic task as a mission that should be accomplished with devotion, hard work and motivation.

The academic years are actually a commitment to achieve excellence, to learn through dialogue with others, to be exposed to various intellectual disciplines and to tread the untrodden path. You should always be ready to face the challenges, take risks and develop effective relationships with the other.
You will also, have to meet our expectations to excel in a competitive world that allows no lagging behind, to learn to combine theory with practice and try always to be innovative, creative and well skilled. University years are your path to develop resilience, sense of purpose and good judgment. You are also required to cherish the academic values in order to be of service to the community at large.

Dean of the Faculty 
Prof. Mona Ahmed AL-Halawany