Community Service and Environment Protection Committee Workshop at the Faculty of Language and Translation

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 Under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation Professor Mona El-Halawany, the Community Service and Environment Protection Committee held the Role of NGOs in Developing Communities and World Environment Day workshop on Wednesday 10/8/2016. The workshop was organized and administered by Dr. Eman Karim (PhD) and Asst. Lect. Mona AlaaEldin (MA). The first part of the workshop included a presentation on the culture of philanthropy, the critical role played by the civil society in addressing community needs through voluntary work, the challenges ahead and a review of NGOs stories of success in Egypt. The second part of the workshop provided an overview of the World Environment Day (WED), its themes since foundation, societal impact and relevant events. Finally, the attendees brainstormed a list of future efforts to be adopted in an attempt to preserve the environment in Egypt.