Report The Faculty of Languages and Translation's Visit to the Touristic Village School in 6th of October City

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 In the framework of the implementation of the strategic plan of 2016/2017 regarding community service, and in light of the protocol between the faculty and the educational administration of 6th of October city to support the educational environment in schools, a delegate from the faculty paid a visit to the Touristic Village School on 16th of February, 2017. The delegate was led by Prof. Mona EL Halawany, Dean of the Faculty, and accompanied by Dr. Emad El Sharkawy, General Manager of the Central Administration for Community Service, along with several faculty members, as follows:

·         Dr. Gehan Anwar

·         Asst. Lecturer Rasha El Enany

·         Ms. Israa Gamal El Dein

·         Ms. Chrstine Magdy

·         Ms. Nourhan Ali

·         Ms. Nadin Usama
And a group of students.

The program of the visit:

·         A workshop entitled "Teaching Methods for Enhancing French Language Teaching" presented by Rasha El Enany and attended by the school's teachers and students

·         A tour around the classes and labs of the school to examine its teaching methods and resources to enhance them.

·         Watching a play performed by the school's students which aims at inspiring a sense of patriotism, belonging and responsibility.

The visit was successful, and was concluded with the following recommendations:

·         Visiting the school frequently.

·         Inviting the teachers to visit the faculty to make use of October 6 University's potentialities and resources (labs, library, experts, etc.)