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Admission and Transfer Rules:

Applicants must fulfill the following entry requirements:

a.     Holding a Secondary School Certificate or equivalent certificates (CTE) with the expected minimum GPA as established by the Faculty.

b.     Transfer students from equivalent universities or institutes shall be admitted following the completion of admission requirements.

c.      Transfer applications from peer faculties shall be considered only after University and Faculty Boards' endorsement of the applicant's previous coursework and equalization to O6U academic program description.


October 6 University awards BA degree in Media and Mass Communications in one of the following specializations:

a)     Journalism

b)    Radio and TV Broadcasting

c)     Public Relations and Advertising 


To complete a bachelor's degree, students shall complete a minimum of 140 credit hours including core requirements.


Students are entitled to choose a specialization in accordance with the Faculty by-laws and following the completion of the first two levels core requirements (78 credit hours).

Following are specialization requirements:

a)     Second level GPA

b)    Core courses grades

c)     Request form submission

d)    Department approval  


The Faculty Board shall prevent students who fail to complete a minimum of 70% attendance requirements to do examinations.



The Faculty Board shall administer and identify the credit hours and facilities to be allocated for hands-on training and research for each level. 


The final examination shall be administered in written format for all courses and shall be conducted by the end of each academic term. The Faculty Board shall propose oral or practical examination(s) in a given course. The 100-point-course grade is divided into 60 points for the final examination and 40 points for the oral/practical exam.


The academic Department shall select two courses on which students perform hands-on training. 50% of the overall assessment shall be dedicated to the final written examination. However, these courses shall not be considered part of oral and/or written examination assessment.


The Faculty Board shall determine and modify the duration of written examinations in accordance with the credit hours assigned to each course.


The Faculty Board shall enable junior and senior students to do re-entry examinations in the failed courses for a maximum of two attempts.  Senior students who fail a maximum of two courses shall do the November re-entry examinations and shall be awarded BA only after passing the failed courses. 


By the end of Level (8), students shall submit a 60-point-graduation project established by the graduation requirements determined by each academic Department. The project's supervisor shall assess the project's course work only and the final assessment shall be conducted by an academic committee encompassing experts and academics.