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Quality Assurance Committees

 Quality Assurance Committees Of the Faculty of Languages and Translation

Review, Follow-up, and Performance Assessment Committee

1. Periodical internal reviewing and continuous evaluation of academic efficiency and institutional capacity.

2. Follow-up and performance evaluation of the Faculty's executive committees and members.

3. Follow-up of the formation and performance of internal reviewing committees and training them on reviewing course descriptions and compliance with the criteria.

4. Preparing and reviewing the documents of academic efficiency (programs and courses descriptions and reports).

5. Assessing teaching staff members and assistants.

6. Following-up the tasks and assessing the Quality Assurance Unit's technical committees, members and (academic, research, community service, and institutional) activities

7. Assessing the performance of administrators and lab technicians.

8. Submitting reports of development plans presented by teaching staff members to ensure the academic process continuation.

9. Studying and analyzing:

·         the reports of internal and external reviewers,

·         the institutional performance evaluation,

·         the reports of the curriculum development committees in the bachelor and postgraduate stages,

·         the report of Graduates Follow-up Committee, and

·         the views of teaching staff members and assistant administrators.

10. Follow-up the performance of the Faculty’s Quality Forum.

11. Updating the evaluation plans according to the feedback of the evaluation processes.

12. Reviewing the update of learning sources (labs and library) to develop the learning and education methods.

13. Establishing the policies of continuous evaluation for efficient faculty administration.

14. Reviewing compatibility of evaluation and description methods.

15. Surveying the opinions of external auditors on the programs.

16. Student performance evaluation (certain form) filled by the teaching staff members and observed by the head of department.

17. evaluation of the performance and sufficiency of labs, facilities, equipment, requirements, teaching staff offices, and teaching rooms.

18. evaluation  and sufficiency of the means of communication.

19. Assessing of making the best of resources.

20. Collecting and following-up the reports of the faculty meetings and quality board meetings regarding the discussion of self-evaluation indicators for the Faculty performance and what has been achieved from the continuous development plans.