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Educational Museum


The educational museum of October 6 University is considered an ideal example in terms of construction, display, and the chosen educational artifacts selection.

1.     The open display  museum:

The university’ garden is used as an open display museum featuring many ancient Egyptian decorated pillars with the shape of the flowers of papyrus and lotus, Greek Pillars, Hatshepsut obelisks, and EL Kebash path at EL Karnak Temple, Luxor.

The museum includes a statue of King Akhenaten, Mentuhotep, as well as some ancient Egyptian Gods like Ptah, Anubis, and Apis the bull.

As you enter the main gate of the university you will see the statue of Amon, one of the most beautiful sculptures for students and visitors to enjoy.

2.     Closed display area:

Consisting of 110 pieces on 650 square feet, you can find the closed museum on the ground floor in the Faculty of tourism and hotels building.

Themuseum displaysa miniaturemodel of themap ofEgyptshowing allthe ancient Egyptianarchaeological sites.

The museum alsodisplaysmodels ofthe different Egyptian oldState, modernand Late Period. The head of Queen Nefertiti as displayed at Berlin Museum, the oldest mummified human as in the British museum as well as a Greek statues of Alexander the Great, the river Nile, and some statues of the Roman time in Alexandria.

There are Coptic models of some icons from the different periods of the Christian era in Egypt.

And from the Islamic era you find models of Kufic script, transcriptional as there are dishes with metallic luster and textiles.

The models display art in each of theFatimidandAyyuband MamelukeandOttomaneras inEgypt.