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Dean’s Welcome

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Speech of the Dean 
The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels is pleased to welcome the students to the University of October 6th and inside the college. The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels was established in 1998 after the establishment of the University in 1996. The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels is the first faculty of tourism to follow a private university in Egypt – the college played a major role in the tourism education sector and had the greatest impact in advancing the tourism development process in Egypt by graduating distinct human resources capable of working in the tourism market and contributing to raising the efficiency and quality of tourism work in Egypt. In previous years, the College has continuously updated its academic programs and has come to offer a distinct range of programs that meet the needs of the labor market. The college was adopted by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in 2018. The College is still looking for continuous modernization and development in order to improve the educational process and graduate a distinguished graduate that meets the requirements of the labor market locally, regionally and internationally. There is still much to be offered by distinguished elite of faculty members who are all seeking to promote it and the scientific excellence of its students. We have established the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels for our students and we are keen to ensure their excellence and participation in student activities, conferences, seminars and various workshops that develop skills and refine personality – to reach our student to achieve their desired goals and improve our beloved college.