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Study Period and Exams

Article One:
  1. The maximum number of failure in an academic year is twice.
  2. The faculty council has the authority to give students who failed more than twice the permission to sit for the exams without attending lectures during the year. The exam will be only in courses which students failed to pass. First year students are an exception.
  3. The final year and 3rd year students, who failed twice, are allowed to sit for the exam without attending the course.
  4. The final year students are allowed to sit for the exams as long as they have previously passed half of the courses.
  5. External students who have the permission to sit for exams have to pay fees for the educational services provided.
  6. The student is not promoted if he/she fails in more than 2 courses.
  7. If a student misses an exam because of a reasonable excuse, and the faculty accepts the excuse, the student will not be considered absent. This excuse is only for 3 respective or separate times. The first 2 times are approved by the Faculty Council, while the 3rd time is approved by the University Council.
Article Two:
  • The Faculty Council has the authority to exempt a student from attending some or all courses if the student has passed these courses in other accredited faculties or institutions. These rules are not to be applied to the final year students.
Article Three:
  • A student must pass certain courses in order to acquire his/her BA. Each course has a fixed number of hours per week, theoretical and practical.
  • The Faculty Council should approve the content of each course description provided by the Faculty's different departments.
  • The Faculty Council determines the training system upon the suggestions of the concerned departments according to a study plan. Training grades are not added to students’ evaluation, but if a student does not pass the training, he is considered ‘Failed’.
  • The accumulative grades-system is applied to the final year students according to the following.
    • Excellent:  85% or more.
    • Very Good: from 75% to 84%
    • Good: form 65% to 74%
    • Pass: from 50% to 64%.
    • If a student's final evaluation is ‘Excellent’ or’ Very Good,’ and if he/she does not fail in any course, he succeeds with honor. Failed students are graded as follows:
  • Failed: less than 50% of total marks.
  • A student’s grade is the average of the written, oral or practical exams.
  • If a student is absent in any exam, he/she is considered absent in the course and is deprived of its marks.