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علاج أمراض الفم و التشخيص والأشعة ويشمل:

1.   طب الفم.

Oral Medicine, Diagnosis AND Periodontology (OMD 411,422,513,524)

        The basic course of oral medicine is organized to supply the student with the fundamental principles of identification of oral diseases. Physical signs of systemic diseases of dental interest are considered to provide the students with the essentials of assessment and management of medically compromised patient.

           The course on oral diagnosis includes the basic principles of patient interview, the fundamentals of physical examination, recognition of oral disease. Principles of Biomedicine, an interdisciplinary course is taught in conjunction with the Department of Oral Pathology, it introduces the student to oral diagnosis though didactic presentations concerning patient interview, clinical examination and treatment plans.

        The course of periodontology deals with fundamentals of periodontal problems. The clinical phenomena of periodontal disease in terms of underlying tissue changes and the nature of periodontal response.

            The clinical course is supplementary to the first term where the students are allowed to record patient history and perform a comprehensive physical examination. In addition interpretation of various laboratory test results and relation between physical status of the patient and dental plan are considered.

The course comprises two hours lectures and two hours clinical session weekly, to diagnose and integrate the biological aspect of the disease into the clinical setting.

The clinical course deals with the diagnosis of patients with clinical conundrum and treatment of the oral lesion even in patients with a therapeutically challenging disease. Chair side case and slide presentation are scheduled for students in order to discuss the appropriate approach for each patient.

            The course of periodontology deals with the fundamentals of periodontal problems. The clinical phenomena of periodontal disease in terms of underlying tissue changes and the biological nature of periodontal response are discussed. Once this aspect is mastered the students are introduced to the diagnostic criteria of periodontal disease and possible prognostic factors, which may judge the outcome of treatment. Non-surgical approach for management of periodontal disease and the wide array of pharmacological therapeutic modalities are included in the course. In addition, various surgical techniques for regenerative and cosmetic purposes are illustrated and comprehensive rationale for periodontal treatment is applied in clinical sessions.

                Clinical course is supplementary to the first semester including case presentation and open discussions. The ability of the students to perform proper care for patients with oral diseases is evaluated. Identification of medically compromised patients and their management are discussed in clinical sessions.

 Clinical course deals with diagnosis of periodontal disease and recent advances in periodontal evaluation. Students have didactic exposure to advanced periodontal procedures and enter into a learning contact that delineates a set of basic minimum experiences.

Moreover the clinical course deals with prognosis and treatment of periodontal disease where scientific basis for the practice of periodontology are evaluated. New hypothesis and treatment concepts are discussed. Students develop the skill for non-surgical management of periodontal disease. Students attend demonstration on various surgical techniques. Interested students have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of additional experiences on selected case under supervision.

The course comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of clinical session.

2.   الأشعة.

Dental Radiology (RAD 321)

                        This course includes the fundamentals of oral radiology starting from basic concepts of physics and components of dental film. The student develops the skill of proper film adjustment and proper selection of radiographic technique. The course also deals with factors affecting the image in order to point out areas that influence proper interpretation. Recent advances in oral radiology to assess bone quality and quantity and to recognize abnormal signs are considered. Practical course includes training of students on proper radiographic examination with detailed step-by-step description of film processing. The students attend demos on different recent techniques in oral radiology. 

            The course comprises a one-hour lecture and a two-hour clinical sessions weekly.