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Vision & Mission & Objectives


The vision of the Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University

The Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University, aspires to be one of the leading faculties locally and regionally in the field of medical education, community service and scientific research in the art and science of dentistry. 

Mission of the Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University

The Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University, is committed to preparing a graduate capable of providing comprehensive and integrated medical care in the field of oral and dental medicine, providing therapeutic services to the surrounding community, and focusing on applied research within the framework of ethical professional practices.  

The Strategic Goals and Objectives of the Faculty of Dentistry 2022-2027

The first goal: to maximize the institutional capacity and enhance the competitive role of the faculty. A - Strengthening the comprehensive institutional evaluation system. B- Developing the faculty’s own resources. C - Completion and development of the administrative system of the faculty D- Working to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of quality systems and policies. E- Improving the competitive position of the faculty. F- Developing the electronic infrastructure.

The second goal: Upgrading the teaching and learning system. A- Developing the academic program in line with the requirements of the labor market and technological development. B- Improving teaching and learning methods. C - Advancing the assessment and examination systems. D- Developing the student support system. E- Sustainable development of the capabilities of the faculty and the supporting body.

The third goal: developing the community service sector and environmental development A - Strengthening the links between the faculty and the graduates. B- Developing the services provided to the surrounding community. C- Strengthening communication and partnership with community institutions.

The fourth goal: Supporting the scientific research system A. Developing scientific research programs to keep pace with technological progress B. Activating postgraduate programs C. Establishing a research center