Faculty of Media & Mass Communication Hosts the Journalist Ibrahim Hijazi

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Faculty of Media & Mass Communication held a ceremony to welcome the new students in which the Faculty hosted Ibrahim Hijazi, journalist, TV presenter and the founder and first editor of the Magazine Al-Ahram Sports for 19 years.

Hijazi talked about the memories of the glorious October War, where he was a war correspondent and an officer in the Egyptian Airborne Forces and where he carried out operations behind enemy lines during the War. He also addressed students' questions at the ceremony in the presence of Dr. / Kheireddine Abdullatif Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Strategies and Cultural Relations, Dr. / Ali Talat Vice President for Educational Affairs and Students,  Dr. Mari Madkour, Dean of the Faculty.


Journalist / writer Ibrahim Hijazi stressed the importance of practical training for students of journalism and media, in order to be able to meet the challenges in the media market, and he also spoke about his experience in media as an editor and a TV presenter