The Faculty of Media and Mass Communication Organizes 26 Campaigns Entitled "Egypt Forever Young"

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The Faculty of Media and Mass Communication organizes 26 awareness campaigns entitled "Egypt Forever Young", including: "Disregard the Foreigner Complex", "Evil and Age", "Let's Be" and "Alternative", …etc, in 26 campaigns that address the predicament of "Egypt Forever Young". The campaigns also include films, and press reports performed by Faculty of Media students from different departments like: (The Department of Journalism / Television and Radio Broadcasting / Public Relations and Advertising) in order to prepare these campaigns with a view to promoting belonging and patriotism among young people, and to provide role models and ideals for them so that they are always ready to serve the nation, and inform them of the accomplishments that have been achieved in Egypt since the rule of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who has allowed the youth many opportunities in the political arena, to be demonstrate creativity, excellence in the service of Egypt.
The festival is taking place on 12/16/2019 under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Gamal Sami Ali, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Aziz, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Students and Research Affairs, Prof. Dr. Marai Madkour, Dean of the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication. The Chairs of the Faculties' Departments have participated in these campaigns: Dr. Omaima Omran and Dr. Jehan Yahya. Dr. Abir El-Sherbiny also has supervised this event in the love of Egypt.
It is known that the Faculty attracts a huge number of media experts in the journalism, satellite channels and advertising agencies to train students.