36 Campaigns in the Festival at the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication entitled "Egypt Forever Young"

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 On Monday, December 16, the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication has organized a festival entitled "Egypt Forever Young" under the patronage of Dr. Gamal Samy, President of October 6 University, and Dr. Mari Madkour, Dean of the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication, which supervised by Prof. Dr. Abeer El-Sherbiny, Head of the Public Relations and Advertising Administration, in the presence of Prof. Dr.Moussa Ibrahim, Vice President of the Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs and a group of faculty staff members: Prof. Dr. Refaat Al-Badry, Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Omaima Omran, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Jihan Yahya, Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, Dr. Ismail Ibrahim, Pioneer of the Faculty's youth Welfare, Dr.Shaimaa Abu Mandour, Executive of the Training Center, and Dr. Kholoud Maher, Executive of the Academic Advising Unit.

During the festival, a number of students' projects from the following faculty's department were displayed including the Radio and T.V Broadcasting Department, Public Relations Department and Department of Journalism.   
 These departments aim to spread a hopeful atmosphere among young people, resist negative ideas and support the efforts of the state in the development process, including the campaigns: "Badal (Alternative)", "Why not", "A Candle", “My Twenties”,  “Let's Be” and “Gifting”. In addition to a number of very short TV films that are considered advertising and media campaigns. 

Prof. Dr. Mari Madkour has praised the university's role in caring for its students, spreading intellectual, cultural and political awareness among them and encouraging them to be creative in all fields. He added that these campaigns and projects are an evidence of excellence, progress and that the best testimony of youth support. 

In his speech, Dr. Musa Ibrahim, Vice President of the University, praised student projects, which reflect the role of the media in the development, construction, and community service. Dr. Abeer El-Sherbiny, The Chair of the Faculty's Public Relations Department, made a great effort in supervising this festival, which was well praised by the media representatives.